Emily Stover 


            Emily Stover

   Hello, River (2023)

    West Des Moines, Iowa
    Co-Lead Artist

Hello, River is an interactive installation that will draw visitors to the river’s edge, and encourage a deeper relationship with their natural environment. The sculpture’s shape and finish are inspired by the freshwater mussels of a healthy river ecology, and a push-button ‘intercom’ allows people to experience recorded underwater sounds. Simple meters display real-time USGS flow rate and water height as indicators of safety.

In addition to the listening station, River Lore plaques will be installed in order to tell stories specific to the site and its many communities. Over time, different opportunities to listen and learn from the river will grow across the waterway system to create a ‘artshed,’ marked by the same finish. 

Primary Sculpture


This project is commissioned by Group Creative in partnership with ICON Water Trails, and is scheduled for installation in summer 2023.

With: Amanda Lovelee, as Plus/And

Technologist: Benjamen Amel
River LoreSystem Plan

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