Emily Stover 


            Emily Stover

   Water Water Every Where (2023)

    Grimes, Iowa
    Co-Lead Artist

Water Water Every Where is a sculpture that will encourage curiosity about water, and ask visitors to consider how they can continue to enjoy this abundant, ubiquitous, and precious resource. Located in Waterpower Park, reflective street signs will be mounted on a grid of vertical poles to form a message that  disperses and solidifies as the viewer moves around the sculpture. Additional signs will be distributed in public buildings and plantings across the site.

Water Water Everywhere is a sculpture, a scavenger hunt, and a conversation about water, hidden in plain sight.


This project is commissioned by Group Creatives for the City of Grimes, Iowa. It is scheduled for installation in late spring 2023.

With: Amanda Lovelee, as Plus/And

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