Emily Stover 


            Emily Stover

   Way Station Warming House (2018)

    Bloomington, Minnesota
    Co-Lead Artist

Way Station Warming House was a temporary cafe and transit shelter at a light rail station, giving visitors to the Minnesota winter a place to warm themselves and enjoy the diverse culture and rich hospitality of our state. For three nights, our team and partners transformed a standard construction trailer into a cafe that serves free hot tea in the tradition of Somali Community. Teahouse guests, whether festival-goers or light rail passengers, enter to find a rich and warm environment for meeting fellow travelers and Minnesota residents.


The teahouse hosted regular programming created by the Somali Museum of Minnesota and Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Presented as part of Illuminate South Loop during Super Bowl LII, produced by Northern.Lights.MN and supported by the City of Bloomington, Minnesota.

With: Amanda Lovelee, as Plus/And 

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