Emily Stover 


            Emily Stover

   rumblings (2015)

    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Lead Artist

Rumblings is an interactive light display that encourages a relationship between viewers and the utility that keeps the city warm. By making a phone call, the public can hear one of six commissioned poems inspired by the plant. The audio recording triggers a light show, making the steam plume appear to speak the words and creating a simultaneously intimate and collective experience.

A co-generation energy utility, internationally known for its environmental practices, was often assumed to be a source of pollution due to its prominent steam plume. District Energy Saint Paul, a UNESCO-recognized plant fueled primarily by waste wood, worked with a small group of artists to imagine light-based installations that celebrated its important work and prominent presence in the skyline.


Presented as part of the Plume Project, a 2014 Knight Arts Challenge winner, with additional support from the Riverfront Corporation.

With: Aaron Dysart and Asia Ward

Technologist: Max Hoaglund

Lighting Designer: Kyle Waites

Poetry by:
Jevin Boardman, Christina Collins, Dessa, Ifrah Mansour, GE Patterson, Matt Rasmussen

Music by: Father You See Queen

Special Thanks
Nina Axelson, Andrea Steudel

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