Emily Stover 


            Emily Stover

Hi, I’m Emily, a public artist and designer who works in   spaces and systems1

I’m a co-founder of Plus/And, a civic design studio based in Minneapolis2, and a lecturer and design researcher at the University of Minnesota.


          Just trying to make the world a little better  in my own way
        —thanks for checking in.


1. If you want to throw me, ask about my medium. I’ll probably make something up like ‘relationships’, or ‘puzzles’.
2. “Minneapolis” as we know it grew on ancestral territory of the Dakotah and the adopted homeland of the Anishinaabe Ojibwe. Spoiler: it was bought but never paid for by European settlers, and many more injustices have ensued.
3. I make work about serious things in a way that brings me (and I hope others) a little joy, because it seems more productive than anger or despair. Science backs me up here.

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